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Sponsorship Activation

We can align your brand with the right opportunities to achieve your

goals. Brand Allies understands what attracts consumers — entertainment,

music, sports, fashion, or a really good cause — and utilizes those points of

interest as opportunities to connect with an audience. We are masters at

seeking, developing and activating through the best platforms.


Experiential Marketing

Brand Allies will help you identify and connect with your target audience

through customized programs that are thoughtfully planned and executed.

We create an interactive and sensory experience and encourage hands-on

participation. It’s all about promoting your product in a unique and relevant


Experiential marketing is the art of creating an experience where the

result is an emotional connection to a person, brand, product or idea.


Influencer Marketing

We are able to identify and leverage top influencers and talent to propel

brand association and impressions. From experts to hand-selected brand

ambassadors, to celebrities with shared interests, we use our network to

grow the reach of your campaign.

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