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Brand Allies specializes in identifying and executing brand integration experiences in the entertainment space. Utilizing key relationships built up over a decade of experience, Allies have access to the most exclusive and attractive event opportunities.

Brand Allies consults on the brand building process with an inside-out view from the influencer to the general consumer perspective. Allies will guide you in curating the right crowd for your event to building an experience that attracts the target demographic to engage with your product(s).

Let us connect the dots for you!


Brand Allies founder Mike Appel has worked with numerous brands across every vertical over the last eleven plus years. The Los Angeles native knows how to connect the dots after years of event programming and marketing. Appel creates unique, memorable experiences for partygoers, while aligning brands with events in a way that’s seamless and establishes a connection between consumers and a brand’s identity.

Appel’s began his career in entertainment marketing for the Moët Hennessy portfolio at PMK.BNC. He continued to create and execute celebrity and media driven events for hospitality/media/fashion/lifestyle clients with his role at Fingerprint Communications. As the National Marketing and Events Director at 944 Magazine, he successfully managed ten markets across the country, bringing national advertising initiatives to life through local event programming. Appel created Brand Allies in 2011, with offices in Los Angeles and Las Vegas, to take established and emerging brands to the next level.


For the past 14 years Justin Neill has called Los Angeles his home. Originally from Santa Cruz, CA he combines his laid back northern California attitude with his natural Los Angeles hustle. It is his passion to genuinely help others to connect the dots whether it be an idea, brand, or person. Through the years, he has built and maintains a large network in every area of the entertainment business.

Neill has worked in all areas of the entertainment business. His career began as a junior manager for Artists Independent Management. Shortly thereafter, while working with the fashion accessories company, Magali, he realized his true passion and talent was forecasting trends and how to connect the dots to take a company to the next level. By chance, he was exposed to one of the first electronic cigarette samples and immediately knew it was going to be the next big thing. Seeing the potential, he partnered with the electronic cigarette company, SmokeStik, and almost immediately it was seen in the hands of many big name celebrities and influencers. Neill wants to work with brands he is passionate about and help them to succeed in becoming the next exciting trend.


From the age of 14, Jamieson Hill has been aligning himself with brands. Originally from Connecticut, Jamieson has spent the last 10 years in New York City and recently moved to Los Angeles, CA. With a degree in Entrepreneurship from Barnard Baruch College, Hill lives for grass routes. His strengths lie in problem solving and connecting the right dots to get the job done.

JORDAN KUKER BIOGRAPHY – Director of Influence

Jordan Kuker is known for doing many jobs and holding many titles which allows him to connect many areas of the Entertainment industry together in order to benefit all in their own successes. He works as the Talent Relations/Social Media Coordinator for Casey & Sayre Public Relations and others. He works closely with the social media/PR agencies and and their events teams to integrate brands into different entertainment and celebrity driven events. In addition to handling red carpets, festivals and galas, Jordan has worked with brands on special events including Nylon Magazine, Beacher’s Madhouse, HWood Group, Guess, Playboy, AT&T, Bootsy Bellows, The Nice Guy, Just Jared amongst others. A social media influencer in his own right, Jordan’s Twitter account, run by himself and his twin brother Chase, @chasejordan is verified (the blue check). In his free time (which isn’t that often) he likes to travel and hang with his friends!


Andrew is a Web Developer and Digital Marketer currently based in Los Angeles, California. He specializes in offering solutions for brands, social influencers, & businesses.

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